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    8. Thanks for that, I’ve just fixed the typo!It’s not a reference pointer in the sense that all variables and functions from _level0 are copied into the new level but from that point on they function independently.

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    10. The last three years MNSSHP has offerred something different. These differences include a better parade, a revised fireworks display, and enhanced special effects.That’s what makes it so appealing to go every year.Looking forward to seeing it next week and comparing to the last three years.

    11. i hate olympus underwater cameras with a passion, this is my forth with warranty and i try so hard to do everythign right but somehow water blacks out the screen everytime. i am extremly dissapointed and i dont know what i am doign wrong, at the moment i have an olympus m tough 1000

    12. Saya belum begitu yakin untuk membuat sebuah ebook, istilahnya masih kurang PD, namun suatu saat nanti jika saya sudah benar-benar merasa mampu untuk membuat sebuah ebook, saya akan mencobanya. Salam damai! pither selesai posting Mengubah Hobi Menjadi Bisnis

    13. What soul? You are right about the energy conservation. When you die all your atoms will be recycled by plants and worms and inesects. When you are cremated, trees will absorb your fumes and you are even likely to be inhaled by some unfortunate humans. All physical matter is eventually destroyed? Since einstein proved matter=energy, no physical matter is ever destroyed!! You say it yourself : Principle of Energy Conservation . Not only in our biosphere but in our universe.

    14. #17. I’ve edited your comment for trade speculation. At some point, I’ll post threads that look at trades and who fans would like to acquire and how. But this thread isn’t one of them. Thanks for understanding.

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    16. Not only have I rejected novels for each of these 17 reasons at least once when I was an acquisitions editor……but now that I’m a freelance editor, when I see job postings on Elance or Guru that make such fundamental mistakes, I don’t bid. If the author doesn’t care about the writing, why should I?

    17. I love classic Sonic as much as modern, but if classic Sonic fans aren’t happy with generations, than I really think they should just leave classic Sonic almost for good and continue with modern. it’s like “Sorry, we did this all for you and you’re still not happy? goodbye.” :p

    18. I discovered her not long time ago and she’s really inspiring! And I agree with you with “remixing clothing”. I always wanted to write a post about the fact that there are so many bloggers wearing their pieces for one time and never again. I think they do not LOVE their clothing. If you like something, you want to wear it more than once!

    19. Super explications et photos pour le fonctionnement de cette ruche, je suis plutôt tentée. Marre d'acheter des produits en plastique dans les supermarchés! Cette ruche met un peu de nature dans notre grande ville, c'est exactement ce que je recherche. Et puis ça semble plus chaleureux que le marché classique, n'est ce pas? Merci pour cet article!

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    22.   Yun-AFebruary 2, 2012I’ve bought US books in Korean before, simply to get more fluent in the language. I’ve never had to import a book in English before, though.

    23. I understand how 18 people didnt like this video, Obama won….makes sense to me…..your head would blow up if you liked this video and voted for obama

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    26. 40,- var jo en morsom pris =0) tror jeg må kjøpe meg den boka!! koselig å titte innom bloggen din.. er så fin en plass!Nå koker tevannet, ha en finfin mandagskveld, hilsen M

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    28. My daughter (oldest child) turns 16 in five days and will be eligible for her driver’s permit. So, you see, your words are perfectly timed. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might experience what you described, but as I read your entry I realized that this is EXACTLY what I’m going to be feeling. And with your advance notice, I have time to prepare myself a bit, and perhaps handle this transition, and the loss and the gain that goes with it, more gracefully. Thank you.

    29. i had been reading throught some of the posts and i also identify these to be plumb interesting. abject my english seriously isn’t exaclty the really best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my vernacular, spanish. it will in truth usurp us a lot. since i have could approach the english interaction on the spanish language.

    30. Did anybody seriously think Ron Paul could win? the nomination? Really? The two political parties have a stranglehold on the electoral process. No candidate that isn’t a tool of the statist/corporatist machine will ever get the presidential nomination. The whole notion of "caring leaders" is so removed from reality as to be laughable.

    31. Hi Heather, thanks for your comments. I hadn’t noticed the bug with disabling the information module but I’ll look into it when I get a moment and let you know if I find a better fix.

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    34. Congrats on the sales, Della! Hoping some of your good luck will brush off on me, especially as I have a serial out with Gaynor. All my stories to Fast Fiction seem to sink without trace. I don't know why. Do they have to be either 700 or 1400? And what is this about "I wanted to know which category to put it under"

    35. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice, and it sure is tough. I think the best bet is to take it day by day ya know. It feels really good to tell someone my story, its kinda a big thing for me because ive never told anyone, thanks again blackcat14

    36. I have few questions to ask…What’s the difference between “Disk” and “Partition” when creating an image back-up?Does the “Disk” creates an image from the whole harddrive, including the partition(s) or just the one in the partition?Or, does the “Partition” creates an inmage from the whole harddrive, including the partition…?

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    42. I love zucchini and would devour this without a second thought. I love that it's such a short and simple recipe too!Btw – I have some gifts for you Angie, over at my place. Don't worry no need to pass them on. But I hope you will accept them. Hope to see you soon 🙂

    43. That's right! (bout education) Hope you were one of those that wrote in to the Education Dept when they were requesting feedback about limiting SPM subjects to 10. Hehe. This 'kiasu' mentality is getting a bit too far. I think you're spot on about the issues and hope there'll be more parents like you!

    44. PeakTrader, i deleted my comments because, upon checking my facts, i found what i stated to be incorrect. LOL, usually i check my facts *before* posting. this time i screwed up.but i appreciate your response. to be more factual, it appears that california is number 7 among the states in startups. massachusetts apprear to be among the laggards.

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